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How do I set up my class section in my LMS?

Follow the instructions below for LMS integration.


1. Completed LMS Integration

Please ensure your institution has followed the steps to have Argos available in the institution's LMS (like Canvas). 

Once that is completed, you may still need to have your LMS administrator make Argos available in your Canvas course/section. See below for how to check if this has been done.

2. Setting Up Student Access to Inspark Offerings

  1. In Canvas, go to your course and select Modules on the left menu.
  2. Add an Item with the + button located in the course title banner, and select External Tool. If Argos is available it will be listed.
  3. Select Argos. If you do not see Argos in your list you can past the following in the URL field: https://app.argos.education/lti/launch
    1. IMPORTANT: scroll down and make sure that the URL is set to Load in a new tab so that students have enough screen space to complete the lessons. You can rename the Page Name to the product name, such as BioBeyond.
  4. Select Add Item
  5. Follow the Argos Getting Started steps to associate our offerings in your Canvas course so your students can get started.
  6. Finally, we suggest removing Argos from the left navigation menu as it does not open Argos in a new tab, which is important for the student learning experience. This can be achieved by selecting Settings in the Canvas left navigation, then Navigation up top, then dragging Argos down into the list of hidden items. Hit Save.

We recommend the following additional settings, but this will depend on personal preference for setting up your course:

  • Hide the Assignments section in Canvas as you did in step 6 above as the lessons are just placeholders and students should use the URL with the External Tool you set in steps 2 and 3.
  • If you use the Calendar feature of Canvas, you can batch update start and end dates to lessons in the Assignments section of Canvas. Note to actually restrict access to lessons you will need to set Gates in Argos.
  • Please review other important instructor platform functionality in our support page.