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Getting Started: Canvas Instructors

Canvas Instructor Guide: Getting Started with Argos

Connect to an Argos course from a Canvas Course Shell

Click the Argos Torus link in the course navigation on the left.

Screen Shot 2023-01-24 at 11.23.35 AM

Getting Started Screen and Options

After clicking on the Argos Torus link, you will see a Getting Started screen. You or your instructor are now able to link Course Projects that have been shared with you.

Select Standard Quick Start to select a ready-made product (typical use case). Select Custom Remix to build a curriculum from multiple products available to you. Note that you will see the same products regardless of which option you choose.

Select a Source Project (Course Product)

Once Standard Quick Start or Custom Remix is selected, you will be able to select the course product you will use with your students. 

If you wish to add, delete, or modify the curriculum, you will use the Manage Section button to access Curriculum -> Customize Curriculum
(For more details, see the KB article Instructors: Manage Section)

The course is displayed

Once the course is selected, it’s table of contents showing the curriculum will appear along with a Manage Section button. 

Access and review the course

You may review the content at this time by clicking on any of the links in the table of contents.

Set up Gradebook

We recommend one final setup step, although this may be done at any time. This step will add the gradable items from the Argos course to your LMS Gradebook. You may modify or remove them at any time. However, the benefit of creating this linkage before any students access the Argos course is that you can set your Gradebook up prior to the course start. 

Note: If you have not taken this step, the first time a student completes a gradable item, this action will also set up the column in the Gradebook. Also note, scores are automatically returned from the Argos course to the LMS Gradebook as students work through the Argos course.

Note: Subsequent maintenance of the connection between the Argos course and your LMS Gradebook is done under Grades -> Manage Grades. (For more details, see the KB article Instructor: Manage Grades

First, click Manage Section

Then Click Grading -> Manage LMS Gradebook

Finally, click Update Line Items to create a column in your course gradebook for each gradable item in the Argos course.

This will result in the gradable items being positioned in the order they are found in the course in your course gradebook.