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What to do when lessons take longer to load or fail to load altogether?

Troubleshooting guide for when lessons take longer to load or fail to load altogether:

  1. Ensure your computer/laptop meets the minimum system requirements.
    Smartphones and tablets are NOT supported

    Minimum Operating System Requirements: Processor 

    Intel Corei3 Processor or greater 


    4GB of RAM or greater 

    Video Card 

    Graphics card that supports WebGL 

    Operating System 

    Windows 8 or higher, OS X 10.6 or higher. Smart phones and Tablets (iOS/Android) NOT supported. 

    Internet Browser 

    Mozilla Firefox (primary), Google Chrome 

  2. Close other open tabs in your browser. Never have a lesson open in two windows at the same time to avoid grade sync errors.
  3. Close applications, especially ones that stream video or other data (e.g. Steam, Skype, Spotify, and VLC/Netflix/YouTube).
  4. Clear your browser cache and cookies. Often browsers store info (cache) that speeds up future load times but can slow down your current performance.
  5. If you have AdBlocker installed in your browser, disable it.
  6. Disable any other browser extensions as they can interfere with page loading.
  7. Ensure WebGL is enabled on your browser. Instructions can be found on our System Requirements page.

Required info from students to Support 

When reaching out to our support team, we ask that the following information is collected in order to expedite our help process:

  1. Have you checked to see if your problem is answered in the Student Guide.
  2. What link/lesson are you trying to access?
  3. What is the name and email address of your professor?-What computer and operating system are you using?
  4. What browsers have your tried?
  5. What versions of the browsers are you using?
  6. Have you cleared your browsers Cache and Cookies?
  7. Have you disabled any browser extensions such as AdBlocker?
  8. Can you forward us a full screenshot of the error that is occurring? Please include the entire browser window and URL if possible.
  9. What is the email address that you are using to log into your lessons with? This may be different from your personal email address.