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How do I use Inspark OER Review It tool in my LMS?

Use the Review It tool so your students can peer review each other's work anonymously

Important note: Your LMS Admin must have followed these steps to integrate Inspark OER Tools for your access (this will link to the LMS KB article)


Review It is an interactive tool where students anonymously review peer work with an easy-to-use interface. Instructors customize rubrics for students to use and can easily grade student work. Review It provides a structure for students to practice writing, giving feedback, and responding to peer feedback.

How to use this in your classroom

For detailed step-by-step instructions, access the Review It instructor guide.

Quick summary of steps:

  1. Instructors make two Review It assignments, including a customized rubric, in their LMS such as Canvas.
    1. The first assignment is to collect student submission
    2. The second assignment is the peer review round
  2. Students submit the assigned work to be reviewed in the first assignment with the tool.
  3. Students critique their peers' work using the customized rubric in the second assignment with the tool.
  4. Students read their reviews and assess the quality of the feedback they received. They also look at the assessments of their feedback.
  5. If there’s more than one draft, instructors can create another cycle of review.
  6. Instructors grade each student in the tool using auto- or manual-scoring.