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How do I give lesson extensions?

Granting Extensions

Student Exception condition can be set for one student or multiple students enrolled in a section and it supersedes the Section-wide gate. Different students can receive different exceptions. Use the following steps to add a Student Exception condition to your Section-wide gate:

1. From the Gating and Scheduling page, click the title of the Section-wide gate you want to add the Student Exception to.

Extensions 1

2. Click the Manage Student Exceptions button located at the bottom of the page.

Extensions 2

3. Click the + New Student Exception button.

Extensions 3

4. Click the Select button for the student the exception is for. The Select Student modal opens,
displaying the names of the students enrolled the section.

Extensions 4

5. Click on the button displaying the student's name the exception is for. You can use the Search
field to locate your student.

Extensions 5

Once the student has been select, their name is displayed in the Student field. From here, select the condition from the Type dropdown menu and following the same step used for creating the Gate.

Extensions 6