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How do I preview lessons as an instructor?

Access the Instructor Preview & Answer Key

Whether you are accessing your existing class or a demo, this article will help you navigate the instructor experience of previewing lessons.


  1. Access the Argos platform by either logging in to your Demo, Direct Delivery section or course set up through your LMS, then click the Manage button in the top banner.
  2. Under Curriculum, select Preview Course as Instructor.
  3. Select the lesson you would like to preview. On the left side of the preview, you can select the first icon to open the screen list and jump to a specific screen.

  4. If you would like to see the answer key of a screen and the adaptive feedback, close the screen list and click the Adaptivity button (second button on the left) and then select the correct answer or any other green trap state to see the student response that will trigger it.
Simulate feedback for misconceptions or move to the next screen by applying the correct answer using by clicking Force Adaptivity for the correct response. The Inspector button allows you to modify elements on the screen depending on the content. It is for advanced authors and developers for testing. Inspector