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How to integrate Tour It to your LMS

Instructions to integrate Tour It with Blackboard and Canvas. Tour It can integrate with any LMS.

Tour It LTI Setup for Blackboard

1) Enter our Blackboard client ID 867a7935-3358-46c1-9873-2a856f019af2

Tour It LTI Setup for Canvas

 1) Add a new LTI developer key and then configure the tool with these URLs in the setup.

2) You will get a client_id that Canvas assigns.  Email the client ID and the URL for your Canvas instance to lucien.kahn@inspark.education and gbruce@asu.edu so we can activate your LMS LTI with Tour It.

3) We will reply when your LMS instance has been registered with Tour It. At this point you may create a test assignment to verify the integration was successful. Instructor-facing setup instructions can be found here: Tour It LMS Reference Guide Fall 21

Tour It LTI Setup for another LMS

It should be similar to the steps above for your LMS. Please feel free to contact us at support@inspark.education